Toll-Blending Innovation Created by Acorn

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Novel, fully operational bottom outlet valve designed by Acorn Water team for use in Toll-Blending

Toll-blending is an effective method for producing customised chemical mixtures in a safe, controlled way. On occasion, certain blending jobs prove to be problematic and require creative, specialised solutions.


Acorn Water was recently approached by a client facing a difficult blending problem; their proprietary blend of chemicals was being affected by solid precipitation that caused blockages in pipework and pumps and deteriorated the product quality.


To solve the problem, the team at Acorn got to work on a multi-disciplinary project. Together with mechanical fabricators and a valve provider, the team constructed a novel, fully-operational bottom outlet valve. Several prototype iterations and design improvements resulted in an innovative product that reduced the impact of precipitation in blending processes.


As soon as the valve was implemented, it was clear that the project was a success. The product quality was deemed far superior to that of the initial project requirements, and the project was delivered on time and within budget.


CTO William Holland says of the job, “Our team is extremely proud of this innovative project. We put our heads together and solved a difficult problem for our client.”


For more information on Acorn’s efficient toll-blending services, click here.

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