Dairy Wastewater Experts

Here at ACORN Water, we are proud of our Dairy Industry roots. Our founder Bill Holland held the position of Environmental Manager at the Carbery Group for over thirty years. Bill honed his skills and knowledge at Carbery, ultimately leading to the creation of ACORN Water in 1991. 

Since that time, ACORN Water’s team of professionals have been leading innovation in Dairy Wastewater in the Republic of Ireland & the United Kingdom. From scientific leaps using our state-of-the-art products such as Z15 to ensuring the optimum results by using a bespoke balance of chemicals for each treatment plant.

ACORN Water’s expertise can help to…

  • Reduce the cost of running your treatment plant
  • Treat more wastewater with less chemicals
  • Dramatically improve your environmental impact

Talk to us today about an ACORN Water Plant Optimisation Survey that will futureproof your wastewater treatment and ensure you achieve world-class standards.

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