Fast • Powerful • Cost-Effective

Z15 has a quick-acting effect and unrivalled penetrating power.

Z15 is superior to all other precipitants currently on the market.

Integrated metal oxide nanoparticles are bound to special organic charge carriers and trigger powerful chemical reactions in the treatment plant.



• With Z15 there is an immediately noticeable and sustained improvement in the properties of the activated sludge.
• Z15 completes the flocculation of organic and inorganic materials.
• Even at extremely low dosages, it provides unique settling properties, high sedimentary rates and a low sludge volume index.
• This means pressure on the post-clarification unit is relieved significantly, even at high loads.
• There is a huge increase in sedimentation rate – up to five times faster.
• Formation of extremely compact shear-stable sludge floc in record time.
• Reliable binding of fine floc and suspended solids.
• Combats against scum.
• Decrease of phosphor, COD, sulfur, ammonia and nitrogen.
• Extremely compact floc is formed – subsequent disintegration of the floc can be virtually ruled out even under unfavourable conditions.
• Prior to dilution, Z15 is stable for 12 months without losing activity.
• Z15 is an environmentally friendly chemical, it does not contain additives that would negatively impact your treatment plant.


Click here to watch a Z15 demonstration.


Appearance: Highly viscous, greenish, clear liquid
Specific Gravity: 1.2 g/cm3
Solubility: Mixable with all water ratios


• Precipitation in the primary sedimentation.
• Improvement of sludge volume index and exclusion of floc release in the final clarification.
• Sludge conditioning before thickening and dewatering.
• Recommended initial dose of ~20 ppm. Once desired Sludge Volume Index (SVI) is reached, the operational dose may be reduced to 4~10 ppm.
• Sulfur bonding.
• Sludge retention in the digestor.
• Prevention of digester foaming.
• Degradation of lipophilic materials.

Packaging and Delivery

• 1,000L IBC.
• Bulk tanker.

Client Testimonial

‘Initially, we commenced trials in Feb ‘20 to deal with high levels of TSS and phosphates coming from the final clarifier. Shortly after dosing, our data demonstrated not only reductions in TSS and biological phosphates, but also in BOD, COD, Ammonia and Nitrogens. The product has performed as ACORN Water described and also allowed us to reduce the speed of our blowers and turn off our tertiary DAF. We are very pleased with the results and have decided to expand our usage of this product to another plant in Lough Egish. We would highly recommend Z15 to other
wastewater treatment plants.’
Niall Mooney, WWTP Manager -Lakeland Dairies, Bailieborough, Co. Cavan.

Project Timeframe and Impact

Week 1 – Site Optimisation Survey
Week 3 – Your treatment plant will see results within days of the first treatment.
Week 6-8 – Full results will occur

Z15 is a high-tech product based on state-of-the-art nanotechnology which opens up a new dimension in wastewater engineering. Download the Z15 Product Brochure here.

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