TITAN – Nanobubble Generator Series

Advancing Nanobubble Technology to create chemical-free wastewater treatment. Leverage the unique properties of Nanobubbles to deliver a proven, multi-pronged approach to improve wastewater treatment.


  • Nanobubbles improve the biological and chemical oxidation processes to enhance physical separation.
  • The unique chemical and physical properties of Nanobubbles remove inhibitory surfactants to boost your efficiency and capacity using the latest Nanobubble technology. 
  • Nanobubbles target fats, oils, grease, surfactants, and corrosion and odour-causing compounds.
  • Nanobubbles can enhance aeration or flotation systems to improve energy performance, reduce process upsets and increase removal efficiencies. 
  • Nanobubbles possess neutral buoyancy, a hydrophobic nature, and a strong negative surface charge that attracts them to water contaminants like fats, oils, grease, surfactants, colloids, and solids.
  • As more and more Nanobubbles surround the contaminant, the entrained contaminant separates from the solution enabling it to be easily removed by flotation or filtration.

Download the Titan Product Brochure here.

Harness the power of Nanobubbles

Nanobubbles can help you achieve sustainable, cost-effective wastewater treatment. From enhanced aeration efficiency and physical separation to chemical-free oxidation, these nanoscopic bubbles can improve the performance of existing aeration systems, eliminate sustained periods of low dissolved oxygen (DO), and penetrate flocs to maintain a more aerobic biomass that increases treatment capacity and improves biological oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD), and ammonia removal rates.

Nanobubbles work in any stage of your liquid process to oxidize and prevent the formation of odour and corrosion-causing compounds that degrade infrastructure, threaten health and safety, and raise complaints. Nanobubbles eliminate some of the most challenging wastewater treatment issues via Nanobubble oxidation, hyper-efficient gas transfer, surfactant removal, and the deep delivery of oxygen to the biological floc or film. This combination enables our Nanobubble Generators to increase dissolved oxygen levels, eliminating the anaerobic conditions that cause process upsets, degrade process performance, and generate odour and corrosion compounds like hydrogen sulfide (H2S).

Proven results

  • Up to 3 X more energy-efficient DAF
  • Up to 99.65 % reduction in total suspended solids (TSS) 
  • Up to 85 +% oxygen transfer efficiency

Nanobubble Generation Features

  • Modular and scalable
  • Standalone or skid mounted
  • PLC controlled with manual and automatic modes
  • Limited retrofitting needed
  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • Remote monitoring capability
  • Optional Nanobubble-as-a-Service (NaaS) support


Fully customisable Nanobubble Generators

With our Titan product series, Acorn Water offers fully customisable high-flow, modular Nanobubble Generator solutions from 500 GPM (113m3/hr) to 5000 GPM (110-1000 m3/hr). Titan Generators are suitable for large-scale industrial and municipal applications to deliver the power of Nanobubbles no matter what your current system configuration.

Our modular Nanobubble Generators, pumps and gas sources give you the flexibility to choose what works best in your facility. Already have plant air? Need oxygen gas with Nanobubble generation? Want it containerised or mobile?

Nanobubbles can be used as the sole aeration technology or as a supplement to an existing design. Whatever your needs, our experienced technical staff can help you pick the best option for your setup.

Defining your needs

We offer all Nanobubble Generators and gas sources separately or mounted on skids. Answer the following questions and review the diagram to help you decide which components you need:

  • Do you need a pump with your Nanobubble Generator?
  • Do you need a gas source, or does your facility have air or gas?
  • Do you want your unit skid mounted, or will you need custom integration into your facility?
  • How much liquid flow capacity do you need?

Ensure your treatment plant is up to date with this latest technological advance and dramatically improve your wastewater treatment capabilities. Contact the ACORN Water team today to find the correct Titan Nanobubble Generator configuration for your system.

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We deliver our products in various bulk and mini-bulk formats. Talk to our sales team today to discuss your specific shipping requirements.

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