Germ Load Reduction with Efficient Flocculation

Sanifloc effectively eliminates germ loads in the secondary clarifier during wastewater treatment. Microbial impurities (viruses and multi-resistant germs) are removed from the aqueous phase. The specially developed formula ensures no adverse impact on microorganisms in the biological process.



• Effective reduction of germ load even at low dosing quantities.
• Efficient flocculation – formation of stable macrofloc.
• Improved settleability/ sedimentation behaviour of suspended matter.
• Increased sedimentation rate and visibility depth.
• Reliable phosphate elimination.
• Reduction of precipitant consumption.
• Sanifloc is an environmentally friendly chemical, it does not contain additives that would negatively impact your treatment plant.


Appearance: Colourless, clear liquid.
Density at 20°: 1.1 to 1.2 g/cm³.
Solubility: Completely water miscible.


Sanifloc is used for germ reduction in the final treatment stage at wastewater treatment plants. Even very low concentrations achieve a significant reduction of germs.

Packaging and Delivery

• 1,000L IBC.
• Bulk tanker.
• Sanifloc is classified as 1760, according to the regulations for the transport of dangerous goods.

Project Timeframe and Impact

Week 1 – Commence dosing
Week 3 – Your treatment plant will see results within days of the first treatment
Week 6-8 – Full results will occur

Sanifloc for truly effective reductions of germ load even at low dosing quantities, Sanifloc is a reliable product to create dramatic improvements at your wastewater treatment plant. Download the product brochure here

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