Rapid orthophosphate precipitation with targeted sulfur binding

Phosfloc is a polymetallic hydroxide complex mixture based on aluminium and iron with additives of vitamins. Only pure raw materials are used for production. The water-soluble product is completely polymerised.


Phosfloc Advantages

•Secured and rapid phosphate precipitation.

•Improved sludge index and sludge settling behaviours.

•Flocculation – Improved flake structure and flake stability.

•Targeted sulfur binding.

•Effective odour control caused by sulfur compounds.

•Excellent properties for sludge dewatering on the chamber filter press.

•Phosfloc is an environmentally friendly chemical, it does not contain additives that would negatively impact your treatment plant


Appearance: Clear green to tea-coloured liquid.

Density: ca. 1.31 g/cm³.

Solubility: Can be mixed with water in any concentration.

Water Hazard Class: Class WGK 1 (according to VwVws of 15.07.1999).

Stability: Phosfloc is stable for 8-12months. A possible slight opacity does not affect the efficacy.

Frost Stability: Phosfloc can also be used in winter without any problems


•Phosfloc should be stored and dosed in the delivery concentration. If dilutions (max. 1:10) are required, they must be used quickly. Longer periods make the dilutions more unstable and cloudy and they begin to lose efficacy.

•The required dosage depends on the water quality, the desired cleaning performance, the conditions in the wastewater purification plant and the specifications of the water authority.

•The required dosage of Phosfloc in further wastewater purification is approximately 20-40 ppm depending on the feed volume.

Packaging and Delivery

•1,000L IBC.

•Bulk tanker.

•Phosfloc is classified as 3264, according to the regulations for the transport of dangerous goods.

Project Timeframe and Impact

Week 1-Dose upstream after the balance tank.

Week 3– Record daily influent and effluent phosphorous.

Week 6-8– Full results will occur.

Phosfloc’s combination of secured rapid phosphate precipitation, improved flocculation and sulfur binding will dramatically improve your wastewater treatment capabilities. Download the Phosfloc Product Information brochure here.

Contact the ACORN Water team today to discuss how Phosfloc can dramatically improve your wastewater treatment.


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