Legionella Risk Assessment

Legionella bacteria are microorganisms that pose a significant risk to human health if present in bathing water sources. Older adults or people with compromised immune systems are particularly vulnerable. The most serious condition related to Legionella bacteria is Legionnaire’s disease, a severe form of pneumonia that impacts the respiratory system. Legionella can be harmful to a person’s health if inhaled into the lungs, making contaminated shower water and steam the primary causes of infection. In order to keep employees and the public safe, it is important to assess and correct factors that may increase the risk of a potential outbreak.


The water systems that are routinely assessed include cooling towers, cold water storage tanks, hot water cylinders, domestic and safety showers and manufacturing equipment.


A legionella risk assessment includes an on-site visit from a trained professional who identifies risks, provides recommendations for mitigation and takes water samples for testing in an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. Risk assessments and frequent monitoring help our customers meet strict water quality standards and stay in compliance with health codes and recommendations.

In instances where high risk areas or poor hygiene have been detected, cleaning and disinfection services are also supplied as per customer requirements and national guidelines.


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