Lamella separators

A lamella separator, also called a lamella clarifier, can be used to separate solid and liquid waste through sedimentation. Lamella separators are typically used to clarify municipal and industrial water supplies after coagulation or flocculation processes. Water is fed through the inlet valve and flows down into the inlet channel. From there, the water flows slowly upwards through the lamellae plates. The inclined walls of the plates provide a surface for solid material to settle on. Once settled, the solids slide downwards towards the bottom of the separator for collection and removal. Clarified water then exits the vessel at the top over the weir.


Lamella separators are compact and efficient in solid-liquid separation.

Typical Applications of Lamella Separators:

  • Municipal water treatment plants
  • Industrial water treatment plants
  • Removal of solids after coagulation or flocculation processes


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