Increases pH in your treatment plant locking out at 7.8

BioOpti is a calcium carbonate-based product designed to increase acid-neutralizing capacity to a maximum pH of 7.8. Under normal circumstances, operational factors decreasing pH in wastewater treatment (such as dissolved CO2, nitrification, and other minerals) will produce enough H+ to react with CO3 2-. When dosing BioOpti, the CO3 2- formed will immediately react with H+ to form HCO3– helping to ensure the pH “locks out” at 7.8. An excess dose of BioOpti will not raise pH above this level, and overdosing is impossible. This ensures that plant biology is not affected by a drastic increase in the pH. Download the BioOpti product information card here.



BioOpti is much more than a pH-stabilising mineral; it positively affects the whole wastewater treatment process.

  • Acid neutralisation.
  • Stability of pH.
  • Improved flocculation.
  • Accelerated sedimentation.
  • Stabilised bioflocs.
  • Reduced turbidity.
  • Increased stormwater capacity.
  • Improved dewatering performance.
  • Improved environment for Nitrifying Bacteria.
  • Provide ballast to the Sludge.
  • Improve water clarity.
  • Protect against facility corrosion.


Appearance: White slurry.

Density:  1.87g per cm3.

Solubility: Completely water miscible (0.014 g/l).

Stability: No decomposition if stored and applied as directed.


BioOpti is used in wastewater treatment to increase the pH until locking out at 7.8. The product is recommended to be dosed at the aeration stage of your process.

Packaging and Delivery

  • 1,000L IBC.
  • Bulk tanker.
  • BioOpti is classified as non-hazardous.

BioOpti and ACORN Water-the new standard for pH treatment at your facility.

Contact the ACORN Water team today to discuss how BioOpti can dramatically improve your pH treatment process.



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