Biomedia is a bio filtration material made of recycled polypropylene plastic. On this surface, bacterial colonies that remove dissolved solids from wastewater are able to grow and live. The filtration media comes in tubular and spherical shapes that maximize surface area and allow for adequate water flow. The bacteria use the dissolved oxygen and nitrates in the water to decontaminate and clarify the effluent.

The high surface area prevents clogging and bacterial colony loss in effluent discharge. Unless clogging does occur, the biomedia should not be cleaned or removed. This low maintenance biological treatment system is effective and can be used in trickling filter beds and industrial and municipal wastewater plants.


Typical Applications of Biomedia: Installed in aeration and biological treatment plants

  • Upgrading existing gravel trickling filters
  • BOD reduction in trickling filters
  • Complete secondary treatment
  • Trickling filters / solids contact (TF/SC)
  • Roughing of pre-treatment
  • Nitrification -Denitrification
  • Organic removal -Detoxification


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