Protecting your treatment plant from shock load events

BioGo is a mixture of regenerative bioenergetic alkaline compounds, ionically modified, with specially selected microorganism species which further improve the cleaning performance with regard to carbon removal and nitrogen elimination. Only pure raw materials are chosen for production – this water-soluble product is highly amorphous and completely polymerised.


BioGo Advantages

•Stable plant operation.

•Better cleaning performance.

•Combating floating sludge.

•Higher viewing depth.

•Increased COD and N degradation.

•Increased dewatering.

•Improved fat reduction handling.

•BioGo is an environmentally friendly chemical, it does not contain additives that would negatively impact your treatment plant.


Appearance: Light brown liquid.

Density: at 20 °C:1.30 – 1.40 g/cm³.

Solubility: Can be mixed with water in any concentration.

pH:  < 3.

Water Hazard Class: Class WGK 1 (self-levelling).

Stability: BioGo is stable for 10-12 months. A possible slight opacity does not affect the efficacy


•BioGo is used for precipitation and flocculation in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment and engineered as an upstream co-product of Z15.

•BioGo should be stored and dosed in the delivery concentration. If dilutions (max. 1:10) are required, they must be used quickly. Longer periods make the dilutions more unstable and cloudy, and they may lose efficacy.

Packaging and Delivery

•BioGo is delivered in 1300 kg containers or tanker vehicles.

•BioGo is classified as 1760, according to the regulations for the transport of dangerous goods.

Project Timeframe and Impact

Week 1– Dose upstream of aeration zone.

Week 3– Your treatment plant will see results within days of the first treatment.

Week 6-8- Full results will occur.

BioGo can help stabilise your plant operation by maximising cleaning performance and simultaneously combating floating sludge.

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