Activated carbon

Activated carbon is a highly-porous material that removes a wide variety of contaminants from water and is suitable for use in municipal, domestic, and waste water treatment. In the POU/POE industry, specialty carbons can be used as filter media to remove taste, odour, and a variety of chemical contaminants. At Acorn Water, we provide coal and coconut based activated carbon in either granular or pelletised form.


Advantages of Activated Carbon:

  • High activity and surface area for adsorption
  • Optimized pore structure depending on application
  • Vapour and liquid filters
  • Remove colour, odour and taste from treated water
  • Remove organics, mercaptans, hydrogen sulfide, COD, colour, taste, odour, micropollutants, chlorine, chloramines, THM’s, etc. from waste
  • Used in raw material purification of food, beverage, chemical, and pharmaceutical products


We deliver our products in various bulk and mini-bulk formats. Talk to our sales team today to discuss your specific shipping requirements.

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