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In water treatment, coagulants and flocculants can be effectively used to remove solid matter and reduce turbidity. Solid particles can become suspended in water when they carry surface charges that repel one another. Particles in these colloidal suspensions cannot settle or clump together and are difficult to remove.


To solve this problem in potable waters, a coagulant can be added to neutralise the charge present on colloidal particles and induce the formation of pin flocs. When particles are neutralised, they attract rather than repel one another, clump together, and become much easier to remove. Flocculants function in a very similar way; they provide a surface onto which solid particles can settle and grow into larger flocs for removal.


We offer a broad range of coagulants and flocculants for use in municipal and commercial water processing.


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Coagulant in water and wastewater treatment that does not leave residual colour
Coagulant for potable and industrial process waters, even those with low turbidity
Manufactured by Acorn Water for use in water, wastewater, and industrial process waters
Used primarily in wastewater treatment to remove colour and increase water clarity
Coagulant for water and wastewater treatment that is effective in removing phosphates
Wide range of anionic and cationic flocculants in powder, liquid, and emulsion form
Effective coagulant for the treatment of peaty waters or water with fluctuating organic levels
Coagulant that performs well over a broad range of temperature and pH conditions
Coagulant for solid, phosphate, turbidity and colour removal in water treatment

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