Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is a highly porous material that can be used as an effective, efficient filter for gases or liquids such as air and water. In addition to removing taste, odour, colour, and contamination from water and wastewater effluent, activated carbon can be functionalized for specific applications through ‘impregnation’ with other compounds. For example, silver impregnated carbons control bacterial growth within filters.

Activated carbon is suitable for use in municipal, domestic, and waste water treatment. In the POU/POE industry, specialty carbons can be used as filter media to remove taste, odour, and a variety of chemical contaminants. At Acorn Water, we provide coal, wood and coconut based activated carbon in either granular or pelletised form.

Advantages to Activated Carbon:
– High activity and surface area for absorption
– Optimized pore structure depending on application
– Hard material
– Vapour and liquid filters
– Remove colour, odour and taste from treated water
– Remove organics, mercaptans, hydrogen sulfide, COD, colour, taste, odour, micropollutants, chlorine, chloramines, THM’s, etc. from waste
– Used in raw material purification of food, beverage, chemical, and pharmaceutical products

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