Phosphorous Removal

Phosphorous is often present in high concentrations in wastewater and must be removed so that treated effluent is compliant with local and national environmental regulations. Phosphorous is the limiting nutrient in plant growth; when high levels are released into waterways, algae and aquatic plants can experience rapid and uncontrollable growth. This process contributes to eutrophication and can lead to a loss of biodiversity. Additionally, some algae blooms release toxins that are harmful to human health and cause unsafe water conditions.

Another goal of phosphorous removal is recovery. Phosphorous mining is unsustainable and damaging for the environment. Once phosphorous is recovered from wastewater, it can be reused in fertilizers to support crop growth and health. We are proud to manufacture and deliver bulk products that aid in both the recovery and the reuse of phosphorous to help protect environmental and human health.

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