Flocculant Dissolving Systems

Flocculant Dissolving Systems are essential to all large wastewater treatment plants. Eurodos are a world leading producer of systems that can be designed and sized specifically for your requirements.

Benefits of Eurodos systems:

  • Suitable for both powder and liquid concentrate
  • Excellent efficiency guaranteed
  • economical consumption
  • Optimum maturation period guaranteed
  • No drinking water required
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Special services are precisely tailored to you

Eurofloc 1K

Fully automated single chamber system


Eurofloc 2KP

Fully automated two-chamber pendulum system


Eurofloc 2KT

Full automated two-chamber tower system


Eurofloc 2KT-R

Fully automated two-chamber tower system in round container form


Eurofloc 3K

Fully automated three-chamber system

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