Food Ingredients

Food ingredients do not just refer to food additives, but chemicals and products suitable for a broad range of applications in the food industry. In addition to Food-Grade Salts, we offer Yeast and Bacterial Growth Enhancers, Soil Enhancers, and Refrigerant Aids.

Food-Grade Salts: These products are suitable for use as food and beverage additives, but can also be used in the regeneration of ion-exchange membranes in water softening, as preservation and curing agents, and as de-icing brine. Additionally, we sell brine solutions for use as Refrigerant Aids.

Yeast and Bacterial Growth Enhancers: Yeast convert carbohydrates to carbon dioxide and ethyl alcohol through fermentation, causing dough to rise and drinks to be alcoholic. Similarly, starter bacteria cultures are used in the food industry to break down lactose and other milk sugars to curdle milk in the cheese-making process. Growth enhancers increase nutrient concentrations and boost microorganism health and efficiency.

Soil Enhancers: These compounds provide the proper soil nutrient concentrations necessary for plant health and growth. Nutrients like phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium are essential and must be correctly balanced to maximize crop yield and quality.

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