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Cleaning-in-place (CIP) is an important process in any industrial processing plant or water treatment plant where hygiene is non-negotiable. CIP is a unique process because it doesn’t require the removal or disassembly of any equipment, making the cleaning of pipes, filters, tanks, and other equipment surfaces more convenient and efficient.


Fat/Milk Stone Removal: Milk stone is the name given to white or yellow deposits of calcium and magnesium phosphate, protein, and fat on dairy processing equipment. These deposits can harbour bacteria, contaminate equipment, and foul products. Internal pipework, holding tanks, and other processing equipment therefore require regular cleaning.


Sterilisation: In both municipal and industrial settings, methods for killing biological agents are vital for consumer protection, product quality and environmental safety. Bacteria such as E Coli, Pseudomonas and Legionella can pose serious health risks and must be removed from water sources and processing equipment.


Sequestration: Sequestrants are compounds that can be added to water samples to solvate certain ions and prevent blocked pipes, reduced water flow, and other related issues. For example, hard water contains an excess of calcium and magnesium metal ions that cause scale and mineral build-up along pipes, in homes, or in industrial processing equipment if not sequestered.


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Used to for sterilisation in water treatment and for disinfection and milk stone removal in CIP
Suitable for all industrial and consumer usage with distillate conductivity of 1-4 microsiemens/cm
Disinfectant and milk stone descaling agent in cleaning-in-place (CIP)
Dissolves milk stone, fat and protein deposits in CIP and removes rust
pH correction and sequestration in CIP, water, and wastewater treatment
Effective sequestrant that can also be used as a source of phosphorous in fertilizers
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