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Biogas is one form of sustainable energy that can be sourced from existing wastewater treatment plants. During anaerobic digestion of high-strength wastewater, methane gas is produced by microorganisms that degrade compounds like large organic polymers.


Once biogas is produced from the biological treatment of wastewater, it is burned at a CHP plant to meet industrial and commercial energy demands. This process is beneficial to our clients who want to recycle energy from wastewater and reduce their dependence on other, less sustainable forms of energy.

Today, more than ever, we need sustainable and renewable energy sources that don’t deplete our limited supply of natural resources. Our environment is fragile, and it’s important to recycle and reuse energy any way we can.


Acorn Water supplies and delivers granular biomass from one of the largest active anaerobic reactor networks in the world. Delivering thousands of tonnes annually, we have optimised our short and deep-sea freight costs through the development of innovative transport technologies and techniques, saving our clients both time and money.

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A form of activated sludge used for seeding anaerobic digesters. Made of stable granules containing microorganisms to convert biodegradable materials to bio-gas
Ferrosorp can effectively remove hydrogen sulphide gas and reduce odours associated with wastewater treatment. It is suitable for direct use in anaerobic digesters

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