Pandemic Preparedness Plan

COVID19 Coronavirus HSE Poster Pandemic Preparedness Plan
COVID19 Coronavirus HSE Poster at Acorn Water Offices

In readiness for a potential pandemic of the Novel Coronavirus COVID19, Acorn Water has updated it’s Pandemic Preparedness Plan to cater for the specific risks associated with the new flu-like illness.


Almost all of mains water in Ireland is produced by the coagulation process. Managing Director, Aidan Holland explains that “as over 97% of mains water produced in the Rep. of Ireland depends on just two coagulant manufacturers, Acorn Water is acutely aware of our responsibility to maintain continuity of supply to vital water services throughout the country. It is imperative that our plant and tanker fleet remain fully operational to keep taps flowing around the island. Without coagulants, people would simply be just drinking chlorinated river water. If the virus continues to spread, we will be taking the relevant measures and guidance from the HSE to mitigate the risk to our staff and plant.”




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