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Meeting between board members of Acorn Water and Holland Company
Tom Holland, MD of Holland Company, William Holland, Technical Director and Aidan Holland, MD

The board members at Acorn Water recently hosted a meeting with the Holland Company, a large coagulant producer from the USA. The Holland Company is based in Adams, Massachusetts and has helped to establish a collaborative relationship with Acorn Water. This new partnership will contribute to the development of the next generation of water purifying coagulants.


The founders of Acorn Water and the Holland Company share not only a concern for clean water, but the surname ‘Holland,’ as well. In fact, each board member present in the meeting was a ‘Holland.’ What started as a coincidental similarity has become a mutually beneficial business relationship.


Managing Director Aidan Holland explains, “The sharing of resources, industry experience and technical knowledge is key to driving improvements and market share.”


Between them, the companies have combined experience in the production of high-quality coagulants equivalent to over 80 years.

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