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im Daly (center) celebrates the opening of the H2Olabcheck Water Quality and Innovations Laboratory with members of the Acorn Water team.

On August 22, 2018, the H2Olabcheck Water Quality and Innovation Laboratory officially opened its doors. To our great honour, Minister Jim Daly attended the inauguration, “I am delighted to open this significant expansion to the very well-known Acorn brand. Over recent months, the country has come to realise just how much we rely on running water to homes and businesses across the island.” As the sister company of Acorn Water, H2Olabcheck is an online platform that provides a wide range of sampling kits to make water testing simple and accessible.


Co-founded by brothers Aidan and William Holland, H2Olabcheck features a €250,000, state-of-the-art water testing laboratory fitted with equipment such as GC-MS, purge and trap and an atomic absorption flame. “The environment in which we work has a significant effect on how we work. Therefore, a lot of thought was involved in the design of this lab to make sure this space encourages creating thinking and is a happy workplace,” said CTO William Holland about the Bandon-based laboratory.


H2Olabcheck is the culmination of nearly five years of hard work by the team. CEO Aidan Holland explained, “We are all aware that water is ever becoming our most precious resource, and protecting it, we believe, starts with monitoring it. Our goal is to raise standards in water quality everywhere.”


The H2Olabcheck team has continued to build a network of independent laboratories to make convenient water testing a reality in Ireland and beyond: William says, “We’ve started the process of onboarding new partner labs and expanding our network.” The company is also creating new jobs as it grows its on-site work force.


In the past twelve months, H2Olabcheck has onboarded five labs and now plans to continue growing and expanding its network.


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