It is the policy of Acorn Water Ltd to comply with the:

Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 and the

Safety, Health & Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2013, (S.I. No 291 of 2013) and the

Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations S.I. No.299 of 2007,

to ensure so far is reasonably practicable the safety, health and welfare of all employees and others at our places of work. Acorn Water Ltd also commits to providing such information, training and supervision as is necessary to achieve safety on all of our work sites. It is the policy of this company to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that individuals at our place of work who are not employees of the company are protected and not exposed to risks to their safety, health and welfare, resulting from any activities undertaken by the company.

Directors, Managers, Supervision and Employees must appreciate the contribution that they personally must make to minimize the risk of injury, ill health and property and environmental damage. All Directors, Managers and Supervisors must actively ensure that this policy is implemented.

It is the policy of this company to consult all staff on matters of health and safety and employees are hereby notified of the company policy and are encouraged to comply with their duties under the 2005 Act, to notify the company management of identified hazards in the workplace. The allocation of duties for safety matters and particular arrangements to implement the policy are set out in the Company Safety Statement. This policy will be kept up to date, particularly as the business changes in nature and size. To ensure this, the policy and the manner in which it is operated will be reviewed and improved on a continuous basis.

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