Acorn Receives Funding for Research

Kevin Fitzgibbon of the Nimbus Innovation Centre team from CIT speaks about their partnership with Acorn Water.

Acorn Water has been awarded funding by Enterprise Ireland to conduct research on water quality measurement techniques in conjunction with the Nimbus Innovation Centre in CIT. “The Nimbus Centre has a strong record in water related innovation, so we are very happy to be collaborating with Kevin Fitzgibbon and his team on this exciting project,” says CTO William Holland.


“The issue with current water quality measurement techniques is that they aren’t well-defined,” explains William. Acorn Water has embraced this project and aims to establish a standardized set of parameters used to describe water conditions. If successful, this project will help corporations and consumers alike interpret and understand measurements of water quality.


This project is the first step towards a clearer and more meaningful water quality measurement system designed for wide-spread use, and it has been made possible by the support of Enterprise Ireland and the partnership of Nimbus Innovations.

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