We're Brexit Ready

"It has taken a lot of planning and preparing to protect our clients," says managing director Aidan Holland

Brexit will impact businesses and trade between the UK and other European countries.

Although it is still unclear what the exact terms and agreements will be for Brexit, October 31 is quickly approaching.

The UK plans to leave the EU with or without a deal, and businesses must now take steps to mitigate the effects of potential supply shortages and increases to taxes or tariffs.

Acorn Water has been hard at work reorganising its supply chain and trade agreements so that products impacted by Brexit will now be imported from EU-based sources and manufacturers. Additionally, the products will travel directly to Irish ports rather than through the UK landbridge.

Aidan Holland, managing director of Acorn Water has said, “For some of our supply arrangements, it has taken a lot of planning and preparation to protect our clients from supply outages. We are very glad we can now say that any of our products that are subject to duties or taxes will be reliably supplied form mainland Europe.”

Acorn’s new policies and logistics will help reduce the impact of any changes in supply, customs regulations, tariffs, duties, and licensing requirements caused by Brexit later this year.

For more information on Brexit and its implications for business and trade, the Irish Department of Business, Enterprise, and Innovation has published a guide for ‘Getting Brexit Ready.’

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